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DealTale Systems is hiring a Senior Data and Backend Engineer to join our team and drive the future development of our new customer analytics platform. We are looking for an experienced engineer who will be a core part of our new evolving engineering team.

In this role, you will apply your passion, creativity and experience to push the boundaries of what is possible to build our product from the ground up. You will collaborate, guide and inspire design, engineering, data science and product teams to pursue a forward-thinking, innovative analytical experience that our customers will love.

This is a senior role that requires a highly technical background, strategic thinking and superb execution skills.

This position is a key part of our future growth and we are looking for someone who can hit the ground running, building upon prior experience in customer analytics or complex data products and business analytics solutions.

What you’ll do

  • Design, plan and build all aspects of the platform’s data pipelines and backend components
  • Be proud of what you do
  • Take leadership and pursue the best, state-of-the-art solutions, within the dynamic requirements and timelines
  • Take E2E ownership of all aspects of the development cycle. From choosing the needed tech stack, to create the best dev experience and up to fully own production
  • Be goal and data oriented. Always strive to make decisions based on data
  • Be minded for quality and efficiency – invest time, when needed, in order to run better and faster
  • Focus on continuous growth and improvement, in every aspect (personal, products, processes, tools, skills, etc.)
  • As a vital member of the engineering team, be part of defining and building the team’s culture and agenda
  • Mentor engineers to develop new skills and grow professionally

Who you are

  • You are talented, passionate about building the best product there is, while being a core member in driving and shaping the engineering culture
  • You have a track record developing SaaS products and data-driven pipelines (on AWS or a cloud provider alike), working on production environments with live customers (at least 5 years)
  • You have extensive hands-on experience with cloud technologies designing, developing, and maintaining large-scale, distributed, data-driven production
  • Your software design skills are solid. You have experience with solving complex product needs with simple software architecture
  • You have experience with software engineering best practices and keen for automation (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation, CI/CD, etc.)
  • You have a deep understanding of big / distributed data concepts and experience in related tech stacks (like Spark, Airflow, SQL and NoSQL databases, DataLake, etc.)
  • You have experience in building and designing ML/AI driven production infrastructures and pipelines – both runtime and training – a big advantage
  • You are experienced with at least one of the following programming languages: Python (big advantage), Scala, Kotlin, Go
  • You are tech-savvy, yet business-oriented. You are thrilled by solving customer’s pain points
  • You are responsible and have good self-management skills. You know to estimate effort, manage your time, and work in a predictive manner with high accountability, end to end
  • You hold an “a get-things-done” approach
  • You possess a can-do attitude. When tackling a problem, you think about how to solve it, before explaining why it’s complicated
  • You have strong communication and teamwork skills. You are able to share knowledge with colleagues and other team members, while open to others’ ideas
  • You have strong leadership and interpersonal skills, ability to work collaboratively toward a common goal
  • You are comfortable working in an agile, dynamic, fast-paced working environment
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