Databand | Senior Backend Engineer

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We are looking for an amazing Senior Backend Engineer for a leading role with a growth opportunity!
Databand is the leading data observability platform for modern enterprises that's built by engineers for engineers.
Our mission is to help organizations build better data products and trust in their data. We do that by providing data teams comprehensive visibility into the health of their data pipelines using our SDK and complex monitoring and impact detection platform. Thanks to our deep monitoring they can gain confidence in their quality data and respond proactively to new issues.
We want you to join Databand team (The Band) and help us with building a product for fellow engineers, using a cutting-edge technological stack and the highest engineering standards.
  • Lead the development of a high-scale platform for data engineers that detects data quality issues
  • Build an anomaly detection system that notifies users when there are anomalies in their data
  • Decrease Databand’s time-to-value business metric by creating a smooth developer experience for data engineers
  • Lead the development of a microservices architecture system
  • Mentor new members of the team
  • Team player
  • 5+ years of experience in building complex SaaS applications
  • Record of delivering customer-facing features in large-scale production systems
  • Proficiency in high-level programming languages such as Python (advantage), Java, Go, Rust, .Net Core. or other
  • Experience writing microservices with a lot of moving parts
  • Willingness to grow and lead technological projects or teams
About Databand
Databand’s mission is to empower companies to create trusted, reliable data.
We do this by helping organizations gain total visibility over their Data Operations (DataOps) with a monitoring solution specialized for data infrastructure. Through instant integrations, Databand collects, organizes, and presents users information about their pipelines so that it’s easy to proactively find errors and zero-in on the cause. We’re saving organizations countless hours in troubleshooting time and helping our clients, including startups and enterprises, earn millions from more effective data products.
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